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The Importance of Heartworm Testing

Regular heartworm testing is an essential part of preventive care for your pet. Heartworm disease is often asymptomatic in its early stages, meaning pets may show no outward signs of infection. However, left undetected and untreated, heartworms can cause serious health problems and even be fatal.

Annual heartworm testing allows veterinarians to detect the presence of heartworm larvae in your pet’s bloodstream. Early detection enables prompt treatment and reduces the risk of complications associated with heartworm disease.

Testing for heartworms is simple and involves a blood test that can be performed during a routine veterinary visit. If your pet tests positive for heartworms, your veterinarian can recommend an appropriate treatment plan to manage the infection and prevent further complications.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule a heartworm test for your pet today and take proactive steps to protect their health. Call us at (410) 256-0742 to discuss heartworm testing and prevention options for your pet or click here to request an appointment.

For more information and resources about heartworm you can visit the American Heartworm Society:

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